Series 400 Doors

Our Series 400 Door is made of the best quality components, meeting commercial standards at a value-oriented price.

Series 400 Standard Features


20 gauge galvanized (A40), polystyrene core, square edge. Flush-mounted door leaf. Doors meet commercial Steel Door Institute (SDI) standards.


18 gauge galvanized (A40), 5 7/8″ frame depth with 2″x2″ header. Frames meet commercial Steel Door Institute (SDI) standards.


Grade 2 Commercial. Thru bolted for strength. One-year warranty.

Wall Anchors

Multiple different anchoring systems for steel stud, wood stud, masonry and metal building applications.


All doors and frames are baked-on primer paint, meeting ANSI A250 Standards. Tested for salt spray, humidity, abrasion, and adhesion. Bronze and white.


Ball bearing US26D satin chrome hinges with security non-removable pins.


Full 5 3/4″ aluminum threshold, dual finger TPE sweep, and urethane weatherstrip for kerfless type application. All components meet commercial standards and ADA requirements.


Series 400 doors have a complete two-year warranty minimum on all standard components.

Series 400 Options

Flush mount only. 16 gauge subjambs and subframe header replace the need for a framed opening. Full 7’2″ in height and can be modified to fit.

Grade 1. Thru bolted for strength. Free-wheeling vandal-resistant lever. Ten-year warranty.

Heavy-duty grade 1 rim exit device. Aluminum finish. Key-in-lever or escutcheon-with-lever trim. Thru bolt. Ten-year warranty.

Grade 1 surface-applied closer. Backcheck, seep and latch speed adjustment valves. LCN 1261 (moderate duty); LCN 1461 (moderate-to-heavy-duty); and LCN 4041 (extra-heavy-duty). Ten-year warranty.

Steel latch guard with US32D stainless steel finish. Prevents tampering with the latch on lever locks.

Series 400 Lite Kits

24 x 30

9 x 30

Swing Chart

Description Key: Swing types

Single Door “AI” Swing (LH) Exterior Door

Single Door “AI” Swing (LH) Interior Door

Single Door “BI” Swing (RH) Exterior Door

Single Door “BI” Swing (RH) Interior Door

Single Door “A” Swing (LHR)

Single Door “B” Swing (RHR)

Above noted “Interior door” will have threshold and weather-strip unless specified something different.

Above noted “Exterior door” will have spreader bar with bumper threshold (shipped loose), drip sweep, concealed sweep, stick on weather-strip and aluminum weather-strip.

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