July 6, 2021

Excellerate is a national manufactured products company with a focus in electrical assemblies and modular solutions ranging from made-to-stock assemblies through custom-engineered energy and construction solutions. With a focus on the electrical construction and sustainable energy markets, as well as data production, control, storage and distribution, Excellerate drives key product innovations for smart building processes that drive cost savings, productivity optimization and above all, safety.

With an innovation hub specializing in renewable energy research and development, Excellerate leads the industry in future-focused products and processes, bringing innovative solutions to our customers. Excellerate has more than 300 employees across four manufacturing sites in Olathe, Kansas, and Appleton, Neenah and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Excellerate is pleased to partner with EXPI-DOOR SYSTEMS on electrical house (E-house) units. These walk in, modular outdoor enclosures are prefabricated and can be used to house medium-voltage (MV) and low-voltage (LV) switchgear equipment, as well as auxiliary equipment. They’re multifaceted, and are ready to operate in the field with minimum effort needed, minimizing cost, installation, commissioning and startup time. EXPI-DOOR worked closely with Excellerate’s design team to develop a custom solution based on their S700 Series door. EXPI-DOOR Systems is a welcome partner on these mobile, cost-effective units.

For more information, visit ExcellerateMFG.com.

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