October 18, 2022

Bolt-A-Blok is a revolutionary block, bar, and bolt system to build stronger concrete structures faster. The system uses a specialized technique called unitized post tensioning to create a solid, monolithic structure, combining the tensile strength of COR-TEN® weathering steel bolts and bars and the compressive strength of the concrete blocks. Based in Indiana, Bolt-A-Blok can be used to build almost anywhere, under a variety of conditions, because there is no mortar or concrete mix involved in the system, making it especially perfect for areas with extreme weather like hurricanes and tornadoes. Temperature and humidity are not an issue at the building site, and once the building is complete, there is no wait time for mortar to cure for it to be habitable. If you ever need to move the structure or add on, all the materials involved are reusable – just unbolt the blocks, move them, and bolt them back together. Check out their videos on YouTube:

Bolt-A-Blok has been using EXPI-DOOR doors in their buildings for years! By using a frame and attachment designed to work specifically with Bolt-A-Blok’s innovative building system, our EXPI-DOOR preassembled doors can amplify the installation time savings.

COR-TEN® is a trademark of United States Steel Corporation

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