Ascent Buildings

June 3, 2022

“Ascent” is defined as the act of rising or mounting upward. That’s exactly what Ascent Buildings, LLC, a full-service pre-engineered steel building manufacturer, is doing. Established in 2020, they are a company rising up! Headquartered in Portland, Tennessee, they have renovated their home office and manufacturing facility in 2021, and now have over 200,000 square feet of space to produce pre-engineered steel building products. They also added sales, customer service, & engineering offices in Cullman, AL in 2021 and Nashville, NC in 2022, filled with industry veterans at every position. Focusing on building and retaining relationships, quality, and service, Ascent Buildings, LLC provides their customers a reliable solution to their steel building needs through unparalleled customer service.

Ascent has been an EXPI-DOOR customer since their inception, choosing EXPI-DOOR because they knew EXPI-DOOR had similar values as a company, focusing on quality and service, providing door & window products they could depend on for their customers. For your next building project, make Ascent part of your team!

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